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Description of Program

A student’s health directly influences his or her success in school and beyond. For this reason, teachers and students need to understand factors that enable and reinforce healthy behaviors. Health Education in Gwinnett County Public Schools is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to: make decisions, become advocates of healthy living, and choose healthy behaviors for life. A unified approach to education for health and wellness (parents, community, school) coupled with a planned, sequential curriculum in health education throughout the school years is necessary to nurture the development of a lifestyle that fosters and exemplifies good health and supports learning.

The Gwinnett Online Campus offers a state-of-the-art health courses that uses innovative instructional strategies and interactive web sites. This course has been popular among students and parents alike.

State Standard

The state requires that each school containing any grade K-5 provide a minimum of 90 contact hours of instruction at each grade level in health and physical education. Each school containing any grade 6-12 shall make available instruction in health and physical education. One nine-week class in health education is offered each year to middle school students. One semester (1/2 unit) is required at the high school level. The Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for Health Education outline the comprehensive scope of the program and the skills and knowledge students should acquire to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The AKS embrace the 7 National Health Standards and State of Georgia’s Quality Core Curriculum (QCC). The Health AKS have been reviewed and validated by our educators and our community as essential curriculum for Gwinnett County students.

Parent Involvement

Long-term, cooperative efforts among schools, parents and communities are necessary to provide effective comprehensive health education for our students. Parents are viewed as the students’ first and primary health educator in health education with the schools serving in a collaborative role. For this reason, all parents must be given the opportunity and responsibility to review all health materials dealing with family life, sexuality, and/or HIV/AIDS education. In addition, parents can opt their child out of family life and/or HIV/AIDS education, but only by putting this request in writing and submitting the request to the principal.

Core Materials

The following core materials in health education are currently being used in Gwinnett County Schools for the designated school levels.

K-5: Harcourt – Your Health
6-8: Holt – Decisions for Health
9-12: Glencoe – Health

The following core materials have been adopted and will be integrated into the health curriculum as funding becomes available.

K-5: Harcourt – Health and Fitness
6-7: Holt – Decisions for Health
8: Glencoe – Teen Health

9: Glencoe – Health

High School Elective Course

A student should have passed the health and physical education required courses (Introduction to Lifetime Fitness and Introduction to Health) before participating in the following elective course:

First Aid and CPR